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    Waxed Linen Whirlwind Necklace Kit
  • Basket Covered Glass Bud Vase by Mary Borovich Weaving Level: Beginner .Height: 8 3/4" with base Width at bottom. List:Glass Vase 8" tall x 2" diameter, Wood base with slit 2" diameter 1/4" Flat Oval, 11/64" Flat, Cane,3/8" Flat,#2 RR ,Sea grass, Needle, Lace 1 to 1 1/2" wide Waxed linen to match reed color Ribbon.(Optional)
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    Coiling is a basketry technique used as decoration in gourd art. Step-by-step coiling techniques, as well as pattern designs, help gourd enthusiasts use coiled waxed linen and colored thread to enhance their work. 196 color photos show how to trim a gourd bowl or vase and use the coiled threads to add color to your favorite gourds. A special chart will help crafters design their own coiling patterns. Beginners and advanced workers with gourds will be inspired by this book. 64 Pages Soft Cover 209 Color Images
  • 2" x 2-1/2" waxed linen necklace pouch, uses 3 ply and 5 ply waxed linen. Level:Advanced
  • Perfect size for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf. Woven with 1/8" and 1/16" black ash and waxed linen. Level: Intermediate.
  • The method to be covered in this twill pattern allows you tointerlace a hunter and buffalo. The result is a beautiful basket with a Western appeal. 13 pages of detailed instructionincluding 20 graphics for ease of weaving. Level: Intermediate to AdvancedDimensions:Width: 12. 25"Length: 22. 25"Height 9. 75"Material List:8" x 18" Slotted Oval Wood Base (item# groe376)1/4" Flat Reed for Spokes & Weavers1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Black for Weavers1/2" Flat Reed for Spokes1/2" Half Round Reed for Rim5mm Cane for Handle#0 Round Reed for Weavers#6 Round Reed for Handle#8 Round Reed for Rim Filler & Handle7 ply Natural Waxed Linen10/09
  • On Sale.A 35 mm film canister or a small medicine bottle act as a mold for this mini waxed linen basket. Uses  4-ply and 7-ply waxed linen. Level:All
  • The method to be covered in this pattern allows you to create two tissue covers, one rectangular and one square. Several different twill designs surround the covers, giving them a striking Native American flavor. 9 pages of detailed instruction including photos and diagrams to aid in weaving. Level: Intermediate to AdvancedDimensions of Rectangular Tissue Cover:Width: 6"Length: 10. 5"Height: 4. 5"Dimensions of Square Tissue Cover:Width: 5"Height: 9. 5"Material List for Rectangular Tissue Cover:4. 5" x 9. 25" Rectangular Slotted Wooden Cover (Item #groe820)1/2" Flat Oval Reed3/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed4-ply Natural Waxed LinenSeagrass#2 Round Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed3/8" Smoked Flat ReedMaterial List for Square Tissue Cover:4. 5" Square Slotted Wooden Tissue Cover (Item #groe821)1/2" Flat Oval Reed1/2" Flat Reed4-ply Natural Waxed LinenSeagrass3/8" Flat Reed3/8" Smoked Flat Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed3/16" Flat Oval Reed1/4" Flat Reed02/10
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