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  • Basket features Antlers with Skull and a Southwest basket buckle.
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    The deer hunter in your life will love this basket woven on an 8"x12" elliptical slotted wood base. Learn to apply the # 3 smoked triple twined Gretchen braid. Measures 5" high on ends and 7" high on sides. Level:Intermediate10/06
  • Begin this basket with by weaving an open rectangular base, then learn techniques to weave a beautiful cathead shape. Techniques include continuous weave with an "over 2 correction" each row and triple twined arrows. The accent row is cherry splint, with an antler button and beads attached to the front. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Base: 4. 5" x 7. 5"Top: 10" x 12"Height: 5. 5"Material List:3/8" Flat Reed for Spokes and Rim Row11/64" Flat Oval Reed for Weavers and Rim Lasher1/2" Flat Oval Reed for Rim#1 or #2 Dyed Round Reed for Weavers1/2" Cherry Splint for WeaverSeagrass for Rim FillerAntler Button, Waxed Linen Thread and Assorted Beads11/11
  • Practice your shaping here and adjust size to hold your mail or magazines, depending on size of spike or bar antler. Use your imagination experimenting with malleable weaving fibers and get creative! Pattern complete with pictures showing steps. Measures 11"H x 9"W x 8"D. Level:Intermediate/Adv. 3/03
  • If you want a challenge then this basket is for you. Using two strands of round reed, treated as one weaver and making your God's Eye will certainly keep you concentrating. Size varies with size of antler, but pattern basket measures 9"h x 13" w x11"dLevel:Intermediate/Adv. 4/03
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    Utilizes a two-prong non-trophy size antler as handle with God's eye woven on the end of one prong. Complete antler drilling instructions accompanied by many clear diagrams. More rib weaving with added challenge of God's eye. 8"h x 9"w x 12"lLevel: Intermediate, rib experience helpful. 11/99
  • This simple antler basket hangs on the wall as a special place for you to store all those "tiny treasure" you have. It utilizes a small,wide-forked antler as the base and is woven entirely of round reed. Pattern has many pictures showing steps. Measures 12"H x 6"W x 5"DLevel:Intermediate/Adv3/03
  • Using clear and concise instructions, this eleven-page pattern instructs the weaver how to create a unique wall-hanging antler basket. The weaver learns how to drill the antler and place round reed ribs in order to form the structure of the basket. Although the technique used is over/under weaving, the weaver has the opportunity to use color through the use of yarns, dyed reed, naturals and/or beads. The finished basket takes on the form and size of your antler. Level: Intermediate to AdvancedDimensions:Varies depending on antler size. Material List:One pair of deer antlers attached to the skullSeveral Strands of Thick Yarn#2 Round Reed for Weavers#3 Round Reed for Weavers#4 Round Reed for Weavers11/64" Flat Reed for Weavers3/16" Flat Reed for WeaversSpoke Sizing as Follows:#4 Round Reed for antlers less than 3/4" in diameter#5 Round Reed for antlers 3/4" to 1" in diameter#6 Round Reed for antlers 1" to 1 1/2" in diameter#7 Round Reed for antlers larger than 1 1/2" in diameter11/07
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