• The focal point of this Japanese insipred basket is the weave at the top known by Japanese basketmakers as a "pine needles" pattern. Level:Intermediate/Advanced11/04
  • This pine needle basket pattern has a very contemporary shape, including coil spills and over-the-top loops. It showcases a gemstone and gemstone beads. Material List:Gemstone Chip Beads or any kind of Beads, 4 Ounces of Pine Needles. Natural Sinew and a Small Amount of Sinew in a Contrasting Color.
  • Pattern gives general instruction for coiling with materials such as Palm frons, vines, tree trimmings, grasses or pine needles. Levels:All10/02
  • Written and illustrated instructions explain how to coil "basket of jewels" around an agate slice (or any insert) and attach dangling gemstone chip beads (or any beads). Any kind of insert can be substituted for the agate slice, and any kind of beads can be substituted for the gemstones. Material List:Small to Medium Size Beads, 5 Ounces of Pine Needles, Natural Sinew, Small Amount of Sinew in a Contrasting Color, Chenille Needle, Beading Needle and Large Basket Pendant (optional)
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