• Striking way to display your patriotism - useful way to transport pies. The bargello design is woven using three rod wale (triple twine) techniques.  Measures 11"dia x 5"high without handle. Woven on a 10" slotted round base. Level:Advanced Beginner.
  • Tote is both functional and beautiful. Uses two leather 25" tote handles. Measures 8"x 15"x 11"Level:Intermediate.
  • A beautiful little basket to hold your mini collection. Level:Intermediate/Adv.
  • Basket begins on a 5" round slotted wood base. Braid weaving can be varied to create a wave weave, arrow weave, horizontal stripes or random spiral pattern. Pattern gives instruction for all. Finished size: 8" dia. x 6. 5" tall. Level:Intermediate
  • CaratsWeaving Level: AdvancedFinished Size: 12" x 10" x 9 1/2" H (w/o handle)Materials:7 mm FO (stakes)3 mm FO (weavers)4 ply waxed linen (chocolate brown)#6 RR (filler)1/2" FO (rim)2 - 24" x 5/8" dark brown leather handles1 - 4" x 12" single slotted racetrack oval base
  • Makes a fun hostess gift or a fun way to share your baking.  Pattern is for two sizes: 5" diameter x 2. 75" and 8" diameter x 4. 25" Both sizes use 3/8" jingle bells. Level:Beginner
  • Dakota is a beautiful tightly woven, double walled twill bowl that is worth the challenge. A prominent contrast is created by using dyed spokes and natural weavers on the inside walls and natural spokes and dyed weavers on the outside wall; the twills are lined up to give an 'inside out' look. Level:IntermediateDimensions:Rim Diameter: 12"Height: 6"Material List:7mm Flat Oval Reed for Stakes#0 Round Reed for Weavers#1 Round Reed for Weavers11/64" Flat Oval Reed for Weavers7mm Flat Reed for Rim Row1/2" Flat Oval Reed for RimSeagrass for Rim Filler4 ply Waxed Linen6" Round Double Slotted Wooden Base02/12
  • This beautiful basket is woven on an elliptical oval slotted wood base with attached williamsburg handle. Includes Chase weave, decease rows and Gretchen borders. Measures 11"x 8. 5"x 10" tall. Level:Intermediate
  • A striking little basket, filled with fun techniques: the beautiful chevron base and lattice twine (Ti Twining). This pattern uses 3mm flat oval reed and 3mm bleached cane. Level:Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Width: 6. 25"Length: 6. 25"Height: 4"Material List:7mm Flat Oval Reed for Stakes7mm Flat Reed for Weavers3mm Flat Oval Reed for Weavers3mm Hamburg or Chair Cane for Lasher3/8" Flat Oval Reed for RimSeagrass for Rim Filler02/12
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    The dyed spokes and Gretchen border set off this tray. Measures 14" diameter x 4. 5" high. Uses two 3"spread bushel side handles and a 10" round slotted wood base. Level: Intermediate/Advanced.
  • Harvest MoonWeaving Level: AdvancedMaterials:3/16" FO (spokes)3mm FO or 3mm Hamburg cane (weavers)3 1/2" walnut base3 1/2" walnut turned rimglass cylinder vase 3 3/8" diameter x 10 1/2" H
  • A classic basket shape with an eye-catching herringbone design (an attractive variation of French randing). A round slotted base begins the basket and beautiful oak swing handle completes the basket. Level:Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Diameter: 10"Height: 6" not including handleMaterial List:3/8" Flat Reed for Spokes1/4" Flat Oval Reed for Randing Stakes#1 Round Reed for Weavers#2 Round Reed for Weavers7mm Flat Reed for Weavers1/2" Flat Oval Reed for RimSeagrass for Rim Filler6" Round Slotted Wooden Base10" Drilled Swing Handle02/12
  • Walnut overlays and Hamburg cane accent this basket, creating warm contrasts. The arrow lattice twining done with hamburg cane creates an eye catching design on the walnut. This market basket begins with a filled base, and a comfortable Shaker handle tops it off.  Level:Intermediate Dimensions:Width: 12"Length: 16"Height 8. 5" not including handle. Material List:11/64" Flat,7mm Flat,1/2" Flat, 5/8" Flat Oval,1/4" and 1" Walnut #2 Round, Seagrass,4mm Cane and 14" Spread Square Shaker Handle.
  • This cathead basket begins with a herringbone base and then weaves up with a unique continuous weave 'two step' twill pattern. Pattern includes a detailed graph as well as row by row instructions for weaving the twill. Level:Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Width: 10"Length: 12"Height: 8" not including handleMaterial List:11/64" Flat Reed for Weavers and Lashers7mm Flat Reed for Stakes and Weavers1/2" Flat Oval Reed for RimSeagrass for Rim Filler8" Drilled Swing Handle02/12
  • The bargello pattern on this tiny basket is eye catching! Woven with black ash and waxed linen. Measures 2"dia x 7/8" without handle. Level:Intermediate.
  • KwivrWeaving Level: IntermediateMaterials:2" x 3 1/2" racetrack oval single slotted base3mm FO (weavers) about 90 feet7mm FO (rim)4 ply waxed linen (lasher)Seagrass or #5 RR (filler)1 - 2" spread Natucket Bushel handle (with dip)
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