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    The plume on the front of this basket is similar to the plumes on the beach grass along the shores of Lake Michigan. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Width: 3"Length: 5"Height: 10"Material List:1/2" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed Dyed Dark Green1/4" Flat Reed#4 Round Reed3/16" Flat Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass6/02
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    A 6" diameter plastic funnel is used for the roof on this whimsical birdhouse. Be creative in painting or decorating the funnel after weaving the birdhouse. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Diameter: 4"Height: 10. 5"Material List:3/8" Flat Reed1/4" Smoked Flat Reed#2 Smoked Round Reed8 - 12" Pieces of Leather Shoelace6" Diameter Funnel6/02
  • A footed whimsical basket for that special someone. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Diameter: 7. 5"Material List:1/2" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed#3 Round Reed Dyed Teal#3 Round Reed Dyed Pink1/2" Flat Oval Reed for Rim1/2" Half Round Reed for Handle3/16" Flat Reed for Lacing3 - 1. 5" Wooden Balls for Legs
  • An adorable, whimsical cat. Easy to weave & lots of fun to decorate! Pre-drilled 2" wood ball for head available in our wood accessories category. Level: All LevelsMaterial List:#1 Round Reed#3 Round Reed#3 Round Reed Dyed3/16" Flat Oval Reed2" Cat Head Wood Ball (Item# bpacball2)12" Jumbo Loopy Chenille6" Lace for Collar14" Of Lace for Shawl9" Trim for Front of Dress4" Hat and Trim01/00
  • Green 'lace' effect woven around the center of this wood based basket adds an extra special touch. Woven on a 10" wood base w/ handle. Level: IntermediateMaterial List:3/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Dark Green#2 Round Reed1" Cherry Strips1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass10" Slotted Wooden Base with Handle01/00
  • A unique finish for a classic style make this basket special. Try one of our Basket Buckles for a different look. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Diameter: 10"Material List:1/4" Flat Oval Reed1/4" Flat Oval Reed Dyed Dark Green1/2" Flat Reed#3 Round Reed1" Maple Strip Dyed Wine3/16" Flat ReedSeagrass10" x 14" D HandleWooden Buckle with Slots Dyed Wine
  • Pattern has eight pages and a close-up photo on each page. Made with #5 and #10 round reeds. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Width: 9"Length: 18"Material List:#5 Round Reed#10 Round Red11/03
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