• A unique holiday decoration, this basket is suitable for advanced beginners. Woven on a 3"x 6" elliptical oval slotted wood base with tapered stakes, this basket stands about 9. 5" tall and is a great lesson in shaping. Level: Advanced Beginner.Dimensions:Base: 3" x 6",Height: 12. 5".Material List:3"x 6" Elliptical Oval Slotted Wood Base 5/8" Flat Reed Dyed, 3/8" Flat Reed Dyed, 3/16" Flat or Flat Oval Reed Dyed, 1/4" Flat Reed Dyed, 1/2" Flat Oval Reed Dyed, #2 Round Reed Dyed.#6 or #7 Round Reed Dyed.
  • Woven around a clear glass rose vase, this basket is suitable for all levels of weaving. Features continuous weaving and decorative folded border. This pattern consists of 6 well illustrated pages. Level: All. Dimensions:Base Diameter: 3",Height: 8. 5".Material List: 1 - Clear Glass Rose Vase 8" tall with 3" diameter Base,3/8" Flat Reed,1/4" Flat or Flat Oval Reed and #2 Round Reed.

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