• Begins with a 4-block twill base and develops into a cathead. The sides are woven in a continuous 3/2 twill weave that gives the illusion of a spiral. To further emphasize the spiral, a rolled border is added in contrasting colors. Measures 12"x5"x6. 5" high. Level:Intermediate10/02
  • This pattern has four different sizes of mats and trivets. The small trivet is a goog beginner twill and preliminary for weaving other 4-block twill baskets and mats. It lookslike a simple quilt square. The large trivet offers a little more challenge. The 4-block twill placemat is an expanded version of the basic 4/4 twill that really has a quilt like apperance. The large mat can serve as part of a centerpiece or a sit-upon. This pattern includes 8 professional color graphs for all 4 different trivets/mats including color graphs for Christmas, Fall and Springcolor combinations. Level:Intermediate04/14
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    This urn is made with multiple 4-block twills that wrap around the basket. Level: AdvancedDimensions: 6. 5" Diameter: 8"W x 8"L x 13. 5"H3/09
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    This twill basket uses color to accentuate the basket design woven into the sides of the cathead basket. The pattern includes professional color graphs and suggestive color combinations. Level:Intermediate Twill Weaver10/02
  • This is a deep market basket woven in an undulating twill design using Southwest colors of turquoise, purple and fiesta red. Dying suggestions are included. Measures 10"W x 14"L x11"HLevel:Advanced2/02
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    This book is part of Laura Lee's Little Bitty Basket Book Series. Anatomy of a Cathead will help you develop your skills and learn useful techniques for making beautiful Cathead baskets. This book also includes the poem - Let's Make a Cathead. Soft Cover 18- Pages 9 - Color Photos
  • Animal Crackers is a square basket with four animal designs, one on each side of the basket. There is a Monkey, a Turtle, an Eagle and Fish designs. The colors are chocolate brown, Key Lime green and natural. The basket is 9" in diameter and 6. 5" high. Level: Advanced08/12
  • Arrows Over the River is a Chitimacha-style basket with a contemporary twist. This is a larger version of The Rapids with arrows and uses the Chitimacha design element of the Wormtracks bringing it to a point. The many 4/1 twill features produce the diagonal dots. The border is done in an alternating color braid. 11"W x 15"L x 10"H Level: Superior Advanced08/12
  • This rectangular double woven basket is made using the same techniques as the square double woven basket. However, weaving the final base is more complex. These basic instructions were written to simplify the technique. It is a tutorial pattern that walks you through each step. Level: AdvancedDimensions: 4"W x 8"L x 5"H3/09
  • This basket is a novelty of fun! It was first made as a swap basket for a state theme. This intermediate basket incorporates several weave techniques and gives you an opportunity to recycle those old license plates! Coordinate your colors of the dyed reed, ribbon and bird with the license plate, also the state flower can be painted on the ash strip. Base measures 5. 25" x 5. 25" Side height 5" front height 7". Level: Intermediate03/00
  • Blue Ridge Burden BasketThis is a Cherokee-style pack or burden basket with a contemporary twist. The design and color represent the Blue Ridge Mountain tops of the ancient Cherokee lands. 15" Diameter x 12. 5"Level: Advanced08/12
  • Celtic Knot BasketLevel: All LevelsDimensions: 7" W x 9" L x 2" HMaterial:#3 Round Reed8 pieces @ 44"8 pieces @ 35"#2 Round Reed10 long weavers
  • The Chatuga basket is an unusual Cherokee-style twill. Most of the rows are woven with the unique combination of the 1-3-5-3 and 3-3-3-3 twill techniques on the same row. Normally, the 1-3-5-3 and 3-3-3-3 are on separate rows. All other rows are simply the 3/3 twill. This number combination creates an intriguing weaving experience. As if that isn?t enough pleasure, the four-strand braided handle offers the weaver another learning experience. The braided handle is made with sea grass to mimic the flexible bark handles found on some traditional Cherokee baskets. Level: IntermediateDimensions: 10" Diameter x 6"H, 13"H with handle3/09
  • Cherokee Sampler design contains mountains, diamonds, crosses and zig zag all that are commonly found in Cherokee twills. The design comes in two diagrams, one being in reverse. Directions are given for three baskets, a square, a market and a large market tote. Level:Intermediate11/01
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    This is a large Chitimacha-style basket made similar to their traditional trays; however, the diamond design continues around the sides of this basket. Level: Very AdvancedDimensions: 18"W x 18"L x 5"H3/09
  • Choctaw TrioLevel: IntermediateDimensions: 4" W x 9" L x 11" HThese Choctaw-style baskets have more in common than just their colors. They all begin with a 4-block twill base. The elbowand Heart are made exactly the same until a slight manipulation changes what could be Elbow into a Heart. The Heart and Boat share someshaping and handle similarities. All three share a basic 4-4 twill that continues in the top portions of the baskets.
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