• A generous gentle cats head base gives rise to a sloped sided basket accented with dyed reed,3 rod wale and a modified Gretchen rim. Level:Intermediate2/02
  • A quick 6"x6"x5" basket woven simply with a red and green band accent. Mini basket buckle apple woven on red row. Apple basket buckles and double bean pot handles are available from basketpatterns. com Level:Beginner 06/00
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    Includes a mini stocking and 2 Christmas tree door type ornaments. Intermediate06/00
  • This tutorial pattern discusses designing a round, 6" diameter basket and the effects of color placement with spokes and/or weavers handle options and instructions for the three basets pictured are included. Level: BeginnerMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed for Weavers1/4" Flat and Flat Oval Reed for Weavers3/8" Flat Reed for Weavers1/4" or 3/16" Flat or Flat Oval Reed for Lashing1/2" Flat Oval for RimSeagrass for Rim FillerRound Top Pegged Swing, Bamboo Swing Handle (optional)Flower buckle#2 Round reed for twining5/09
  • This tutorial pattern discusses designing a square basket and effects of color placemt with spokes and/or weavers, added corner staked and shaping. Handle options and pattern instructions for 3 baskets inculded. Level: BeginnerMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed for Stakes and Weavers1/2" Flat Dyed Reed for Stakes and Weavers3/8" Flat Reed for Weavers3/8" Flat Dyed Reed for Weavers1/4" Flat Reed for Corner Stakes, Weaving & Lashing#2 Round reed for twining1/2" Flat Oval for RimSeagrass for BeadingTwo Side Bushel Handles, open notch 2" spanAny Swing Handle with a 6" or 8" spreadNotched Handle (optional)5/09
  • Weaving Levels: All LevelsApprox. 12" diameter x 15" tallMaterials:7/8" or 1" flat reed for stakes#3 round reed for twining1/4" flat oval for weaving3/8" natural for weaving1/2" smoked reed for weaving5/8" flat dyed for weaving5/8" flat oval for rimSea grass for rim beading1/4" for rim lashing2 large pottery handles 3" long - opening 3/4"04/14
  • This large hamper is woven over a Plastic hamper that is left inside to provide use as a wet or dry laundry hamper. Starts with an 11" round slotted wood base. (#groe308) Measures 17-18"dia x 25"HLevel:Intermediate2/02
  • Weaving Level: Beg-IntermediateMaterials:3/8" flat reed for stakes3/16" flat or flat oval natural for weavers1/4" flat or flat oval dyed for weavers3/8" flat oval for rimSea grass for beading11/64" flat for lashing2 pottery handles 1 3/4" - 2" long04/14
  • Weaving Level: Beg-IntermediateApprox. 3" x 5" x 5" (top of handle)Materials:1/4" flat dyed for stakes11/64" flat oval for weavers and lashers3/8" flat oval for rimSea grass for beading3" round top open notch ash handle04/14
  • A sturdy rectangular basket with filled base, wrapped, ribbed handle and dyed accents. Base measures approx. 8"x16". Level:Intermediate10/06
  • Three differnet syles using Medicine bottles for molds/inserts. Different materials, wood bases, cork stoppers and embellishments. Level: Intermediate2/04
  • Paint or stencil the ash strip. Make a nice little mattress & pillow for a favorite doll. Measures 10"x18"x7" sides x 12" hood. Level:Intermediate
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    A collection of 6 baskets made using a 2" round ash notched handle. Includes Fife & Drum, Square Cherokee Cross, Twill Shaker, Prairie Rose, Black & Blue Hounds Tooth Twill and Moses Basket styles. Level:Intermediate1/03
  • This generous basket is built on an 8" x 12" rectangular Market Basket rim. Sides are quickly woven with flat oval reed with sides raised with step weaving. Dyed round reed with a braided rolled rim giva a Victorian flair to this sturdy, generous basket. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 12"Length: 15"Height 4"Material List:5/8" Flat Reed for Stakes1/2" Flat Reed for Weaving7mm Flat Oval for Weaving#4 Round Reed for Weaving and Rim8" x 12" Market Basket Rim for Handle5/09
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    Round spoked double bottom baskets with woven lids. Ribbon, floral and reed embellishments create a "Hat Box" gift basket. 2 sizes given in pattern. Small: 5" diameter x 3" tall. Large: 8" diameter x 5" tall. Level: Intermediate2/04
  • A traditional holiday decoration. Includes patterns for 3 figures, manager and hut. Level:All Levels
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