• Make a sunflower to apply to the front of this quick, cute basket. Level: BeginnerDimensions:Width: 2"Length: 5"Height: 14"Material List:1/2" Flat Reed5" x 14" D Handle1/4" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Green1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Golden Yellow3/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed Dyed Brown1/2" Flat Oval Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed or Cane for LashingSeagrass2 - Wooden Disc Slices 1"Acrylic Paint07/00
  • Extra long ears hold dowel rod which serves as a handle for this basket. Tri colors used in weaving & overlay. Rubbermaid 11" x 13" dishpan fits inside as well as your tools. Level: All LevelsMaterial List:5/8" Flat Reed1" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed1" Ash#3 Round Reed5/8" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass11/64" Flat Reed for Lasher3/8" Wood Dowel2 - 25mm Wood BeadsExtra Long EarsDish Pan - 11. 5 QuartsScreen Molding07/00
  • Tired of struggling with achieving the cathead shape? This is it - fool proof method. Nantucket type handle made from oval oval using a 8x10 D handle as a form or you may substitute an 8" swing handle. Level: Beginner / IntermediateDimensions:Base Width: 4"Base Length: 4"Diameter: 8"Height: 5. 5" w/o HandleMaterial List:5/8" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Oval Reed1/4" Flat Oval Reed Dyed1/2" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed DyedSeagrass5/8" Flat Oval Reed8" x 10" D Handle11/64" Flat Reed for Lasher07/00
  • Striking waste basket which used various widths of spokes and weavers. Topped with dyed accent ash, which is both woven and overlaid. Level: Beginner / IntermediateDimensions:Base Width: 6"Base Length: 10"Height: 16"Material List:3/8" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed Dyed Black1/2" Flat Reed Dyed Black1" Flat Reed#3 Round Reed1" Ash Strip Dyed Black1" Ash Strip Dyed Red11/64" Flat Oval Reed5/8" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass12/00
  • Wire?tree is used for this slim wall basket. Perfect between 2 doors to hold those Christmas cards. Level: BeginnerMaterial List:1" Flat Reed1" Flat Reed Dyed Red1" Flat Reed Dyed Green1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Red1/4" Flat Reed Dyed Green3/8" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed3/8" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass07/00
  • Constructed with round reed spokes which becomes the rim filler. Attaches to bike with webbing straps. Pattern explains steps involved. Leather straps are optional. Level: Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Width: 8"Length: 13"Height: 7"Material List:#2 Smoked Round Reed#3 Smoked Round Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed for Weavers1/2" Flat Oval Reed for Rims11/64" Flat Reed for Lashing2 - 1" D Rings1" Shaker TapeRawhide Lacer for StrapsLeater Strap07/00
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    Create a variety of Easter eggs from round reed, both dyed and natural with ribbon woven through. Woven on a 3. 5" Styrofoam egg used for a mold. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Height: 4" w/o HandleMaterial List:#1 Round Reed#1 Round Reed Dyed2 - 3. 5" Styrofoam Egg12/00
  • Need a portable file? Look no further, as here it is. An adaptation of Ann Clark's basket, with her permission, rectangular basket with hanging file frame. Cherry accent strips and optional leather handles. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 7"Length: 13"Height: 10"Material List:3/8" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed Dyed3/4" Flat Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed1/4" Flat Oval Reed5/8" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass3 Strips of Cherry Accent3/4" Leather Handles1/02
  • Rectangle, divided basket which has two base options - filled or open weave. Woven on a 6" x 10" D handle out of space dyed reed but looks equally well in natural reed. Lashed with cane over dyed flat oval rim and dyed seagrass. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 6"Length: 11. 5"Height: 4. 5" w/o HandleMaterial List:3/8" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed7mm Flat Reed1/2" Flat Oval Reed6" x 10" D HandleSeagrass11/64" Flat Oval Reed07/01
  • Weave this basket over a plastic wastebasket as a mold. French randing as an accent in both natural and smoked reed. The finishing edge is a half Gretchen border in smoked round reed. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 5"Length: 9. 25"Height: 16"Material List:5/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed#3 Round Reed#3 Round Reed Dyed or Smoked7mm Flat Oval Reed21 Quart Wastebasket2/04
  • This lidded basket is intended for intermediate weavers and uses a Rubbermaid waste basket as a mold. A variety of techniques used - shaping, arrow weave, hand grips, back weaving as well as adding a round reed handle on the lid. Level: Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Top Width: 14"Top Length: 18"Height: 22"Material List:1" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed#3 Round Reed#7 Round Reed#8 Round Reed2" Ash Strips11/64" Flat Oval Reed5/8" Flat Oval Reed8 Gallon Rubber Maid Waste Basket12/00
  • Flat basket woven on a 10x14 D handle. Curls & buttons for embellishment. Level: Beginner / IntermediateDimensions:Width: 10"Height: 8"Material List:10" x 14" D Handle1/4" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed Dyed Red3/8" Flat Reed Dyed Green1/2" Flat Oval Reed for Outside RimSeagrass07/00
  • Using two hoops, round reed, yarn and accent beads, create a one of a kind ribbed tapestry basket. This is a great introduction to rib construction, fun and an easy way to secure the two hoops together. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Width: 6"Length: 6"Height: 6" Including HandleMaterial List:#1 Round Reed#2 Round Reed#6 Round Reed11/64" Flat Oval ReedTwineSeagrass2 - 6" Hoops2/04
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    Corner basket which makes several transitions in shape - heart base, to round and ends up as a triangle. Level: Beginner / IntermediateDimensions:Width: 7"Length: 7"Height at Front: 5"Height at Back: 12"Material List:1/2" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed1/4" Flat Reed for Weavers1/4" Flat Oval Reed Dyed3/4" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Oval Reed for Rim11/64" Flat Oval or Cane for LashingSeagrass07/00
  • This lidded basket features color and lattice overlay work. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Base Diameter: 5. 5"Height: 14"Material List:3/8" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed1" Ash Strip Dyed Black1. 5" Ball Knob10/02
  • Weave this mini backpack with a creel style lid. Woven with flat oval, round reed ribbed lid, filled base. Great for small child, stuffed animal or home decor. Directions for making shaker tape straps included. (3 yards @ 3/4" wide tape)Level: Intermediate / AdvancedDimensions:Base Width: 4"Base Length: 6"Height: 10"Material List:1/4" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed#7 Round Reed11/64" Flat Oval Reed3/8" Flat Oval Reed1/2" Flat Oval Reed1" Ash Strip06/01
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