• Uses a Rubbermaid basket as a mold - gentle flared shapewith dyed reed and ash strip for accent. Arrow weave at the topwith hand hold handles. Measures 14 x 18 at top and stands 22" tall. Level:All Levels07/00
  • Beginning with a divided, slotted wood base, you will weave a basket that is tapered from the back to the front. Neat technique for doing the tapering which leaves no holes. Level: All LevelsDimensions:Width: 7"Length: 9"Height: 5. 5" w/o HandleMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed Dyed11/64" Flat Oval Reed3/16" Flat Reed3/16" Flat Reed Dyed1" Cherry Strip1/4" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Oval ReedSeagrassCommon Cane6" x 8" Rectangle Slotted Wood BaseWooden Handle2/04
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