• Uses two slotted round bases, one 5"and one 6". Also a 7" round base(unslotted) with ball feet. Measures 15. 5" tall when finished. 1,2,3 continuous twill weave using smoked reed. Use base kit bpac001 Level: Advanced
  • These adorable little baskets are just the right size for your desk or counter top to hold lots of odds and ends. All three basket directions are included. Measures 3" square; 2. 5" round; 2. 5"x4" ovalLevel: Intermediate5/04
  • This cute little basket can be used for your jewwlry or for candy to sit on your desk. Uses a 2. 5"x4" oval slotted base and the handles are wrapped as you lash the rim. Measures 5"x6"x3. 5"Level:All3/03
  • Lamp gives just a flicker of light with a 3 watt flicker flame bulb. Measures 8. 5" widest pt. x 11. 5" tallLevel:Intermediate2/02
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    This is a round basket with a square base, you will need shaping experience to complete this basket. Start by weaving on a 6" square slotted base. Finish with a 8" round wood lid. 1/4" wide cedar bark strip weavers accent this unique shaped basket. Level: AdvancedDimensions:Base: 6" SquareWidest Point: 32" aroundHeight: 9"Material List:11/64" Flat Oval Reed for Weavers and Lashing1/4" Flat Reed for Weavers and Rim Row3/8" Flat Reed for Stakes1/2" Flat Oval Reed for Rim#2 Round Dyed Reed for Triple TwineSeagrass6" Square Slotted Wooden Base 03/01
  • As a gift,in your own bathroom or for many other uses. Woven on a 4"x9" slotted oval base and uses two 6" round notched swing handles. Also uses 3/16" smoked or dyed reed. Measures 13"x6"x6" tall. Level:Beg/Intermediate10/02
  • On SaleIf you like twining, you will like this basket. It is total twining! Has a woven base. Add some color on the sides to set this basket off. Measures 8"x8" tallLevel:Intermediate8/02
  • Oh, how cute this one will be for any room or your desk at work. This double wall basket is woven on a 4" round doulbe slotted wood base. Learn to make your own handle. Measures 5" diameter x 5" tallLevel:Intermediate3/05
  • This adorable little basket is woven on a 2. 5"x4" slotted rectangle base. Don't weave to tight with this one! A ribbon bow with butterfly beads are tied on the side of the handle. Uses a 2. 5"x4" slotted rectangle base and a 4" round notched handle. Measures 4"x5"x4" tall. Level:Beg. -Intermediate7/04
  • On SaleKeep things organized with this cute basket. Woven on a 6" octagonal slotted base and the lid uses a 4" octagonal slotted base. Small round 8mm wood beads are woven on the sides and dyed or painted to match (item #8mmbead). Measures 6"x7" tall. Level:Intermediate10/02
  • On SaleThis adorable basket is woven on a 5" round slotted wooden base. Three rows of twill are overlaid with beautiful ribbons and tied in bows. Sew two or three of your favorite buttons in the center of the bows. Great gift for baby shower or keepsake Easter basket. Level:Beginner-Intermediate6/03
  • A large cathead basket with 3 rows of a lacy cross-stitch design. A good example showing that the Gretchen border does'nt have to be on the top! Measures 10"x9" tall. Level:Advanced10/02
  • Woven on a triangle shaped slotted base, this basket is wonderful for any Corner. Great for the kitchen or bathroom vanity. Measures 10"x9" tall at back. Level:Beg. -Intermediate7/04
  • The ceramic handles on the sides give this basket a country look. Woven on a 6" round slotted wood base. Measures 6"x9" tall. Level:Intermediate10/02
  • A cross-stitch design is used on the sides nestled between several rows of triple twine. You will need a 6"x10" slotted racetrack oval base. A fancy wrapped 8" round notched handle tops this one. Measures 15"x8"x6" tall. Level: Advanced5/04
  • This is a cute basket for desks or to keep school projects handy. It is woven on a 4"x9" slotted oval base and uses 2-3" round bushel handles. A tie-on and wooden divider optional. Measures 10. 5"x7"x5" tall. Level:All6/02
  • Uses two 4" spread bushel side handles. Four 12" feet are used. Create basket for crafts, this chair side basket has the smaller basket woven into the side. Level:Interm03/01
  • On SaleThis basket uses a 12" round notched handle. The X's are over lays. Looks good in any color combination. Measures 12"x19"x8" tall. Level:All8/02
  • Color overlays will show off the diamond design. Beautiful in anycolor! 6-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 6" tall (without handle). Uses 5" x 8" oval base (racetrack ends) and 2 - 6" round notched swing handles. Level: Beg/Inter4/06
  • On SaleThis basket uses a 4" double slotted round wood base and a 5" wire bean pot handle. Measures 5" dia. x 5" tall. Level:Intermediate4/03
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    Unusual urn shape woven on a 6" slotted round base. Calls for? optional? 6" round lid and two 2 to 3" spread bushel sidehandles. Feather design woven into the sides. Measures 11" high. Level: Advanced03/01
  • Basket uses a 8" round notched Redbird swing handle and a 5" x8" oval double slotted base. Measures 8"x12"x7" tallLevel:All2/02
  • An ideal basket to take along to all of those fall yard sales and festivals to carry home your treasures. Uses an 8"x12" D handle. Measures 8"x14"x7" tall. Level:All10/02
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    Lid and base of basket are each woven on a 6"x10" slotted oval wood base. Sides of basket have a "feather" inlay. Great storage basket. Level:Intermediate11/04
  • Wonderful combination of natural, smoked and dyed reed. Woven with a 6" round slotted base and an 8" round notchedhandle. Measures 9" x 8" x 6". Level: Intermediate 3/05
  • Uses a 5" round slotted base and 8" notch swing handle. Directions for all three sizes are included in the pattern. Level: All LevelsMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed Dyed3/8" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed Dyed1/4" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Dyed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass5" Round Slotted Wooden Base8" Round Notched Swing Handle05/00
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    Several weaving techniques used on this challenging Flower Girl wedding basket. Intricate handle weave also used. Woven flat on a table, I dare you to try this one!Level: AdvancedMaterial List:11/64" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed#2 Round Reed Dyed#7 Round Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed6" Round Notched Handle5" Round Slotted Wooden BaseRibbon & Silk Flowers03/01
  • This big beautiful basket is a simple twill from the beginning to the handle giving an old fashioned look. Make several in different colors to sell. They will be a big hit! 14" x 10" x 9" tall (without handle). Uses an 8" x 10" oval racetrack base and 10" round notched handle. Level: Beg/Inter4/06
  • Simple twill basket with smoked reed accent. Woven on a 5" x 8" oval slotted base and uses a 6" round notched swing handle. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 6"Length: 10"Height: 7"Material List:1/4" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Smoked#2 Round Reed3/16" Flat Oval Reed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrassFine Cane5" x 8" Oval Slotted Wooden Base1 - 6" Round Notched Swing Handles 08/00
  • Keep it under cover! This ginger jar is great to keep things hidden from plain sight! Would make a great present for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Accented with redribbon and red round reed made into hearts. 27" around x 8-1/2" tall. Uses a 6" round base and 4" round base lid. Level: Inter/Adv4/06
  • A simple basket woven on a 5"x8" slotted oval base, (see below) but with a little twist to the rim. Uses an 8" notched ash handle. Measures 8"x10"x6. 5" tallLevel:Beginner6/02
  • Grandma's Flower Garden Pattern. Level: IntermediateMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass6" x 13" D Handle10/07
  • A very good basket to learn a cathead style. This basket has some triple twine and randing on the sides. Two 8" round notched swing handles are used. Measures 8"x17"x6. 5" tallLevel:Beg./Intermed. 8/02
  • Happy Easter! What a cute basket for a chilg to wake up to on Easter morning filled with sweet goodies. Uses a 6"x10"D handle and is topped with a braided border. Measures 6"x9"x6". Level:All10/02
  • Woven on a 5"x8" slotted oval base and uses a 10" round notched handle. (see below) Features a cross-stitch design around top. Level:All6/02
  • What a cute present for the Mother-to-be. This is a gift they will keep forever! Measures 6"x4" tall. Level:All10/02
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    Whether you add your feather overlay in colored or natural reed, this basket is a beautiful addition to any room. Measures 12"x9" tall. Level:Intermediate10/02
  • Display your business cards in style. Woven on a 2"x3. 5" slotted rectangle slotted base and uses a 3" round notched handle. Measures 3"x5"x3" tall. Level:All10/02
  • A nice beginner basket to learn to weave a round base. Has some triple twine and a little color to set it off. Uses an 8" round notched swing handle. Measures 8" x 7" tall. Level:All 8/02
  • This very festive basket is woven on a 5" slotted base and is adorned with jingle bells. Measures 6" across top x 7. 5" tall. All Levels10/01
  • Karen's Picnic BasketLevel: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 12"Length: 20"Height: 10"Material List:8" x 12" Oval Slotted Wooden Base12" Round Notched Handle12" x 20" Oval Wooden Hoop5/8" Flat Reed5/8" Flat Reed Smoked#3 Round Reed3/16" Flat Oval Reed3/4" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass10/07
  • On SaleThe base and sides of this basket are woven in a simple twill. The fretwork base is used as a lid which sits inside on a woven ledge. Measures 9"x12"x5. 5" Level:Intermediate10/02
  • Ladybug6 1/2" tall x 8" acrossMaterials:6" double grooved base3/16" flat oval-natural and color-weavers, spokes and lasher1/4" flat-black-weaver3/8" flat-rim row1/2" flat oval-rimSea grassRibbon or decoration of your choice
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    A beautiful basket that lives up to a beautiful name! The sides are adorned with a flowerdesign and the handle is wrapped in a herringbone design with bleached cane. This basket is an"Extra" special project. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser! Measures 12"x15"x10" tall without the handle. Uses an 8"x10" racetrack oval base and a 10" round notched handle. Level: Advanced7/06
  • This is a great basket for a baby shower giftLet It Rain Ark BasketLevel: IntermediateMaterial List:11/64" Flat Oval Reed Smoked or Natural3/16" Flat Oval Reed Smoked or Natural#2 Round Reed#2 Round Reed Smoked#2 Round Reed Dyed1/2" Maple Strip3" x 6" Oval Slotted Wooden Base5" Round Notched Handle03/00
  • On SaleThis small double wall basket is started on a 4" double slotted square base and is woven into a round basket. Weave this one in any favorite color and add a feather or two for accent. Measures 6"x6". Level:Intermediate10/02
  • Spring is here! Weave this one on a 6" round slotted base. Uses a 10" round notched Redbird handle. Measures 10"across x8"Level:All2/02
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