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    A beautiful basket that lives up to a beautiful name! The sides are adorned with a flowerdesign and the handle is wrapped in a herringbone design with bleached cane. This basket is an"Extra" special project. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser! Measures 12"x15"x10" tall without the handle. Uses an 8"x10" racetrack oval base and a 10" round notched handle. Level: Advanced7/06
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    Lid and base of basket are each woven on a 6"x10" slotted oval wood base. Sides of basket have a "feather" inlay. Great storage basket. Level:Intermediate11/04
  • Vintage Dreams6 1/2" Tall x 8" Wide x 11" LongMaterials:5" x 8" Oval Base8" round swing handle3/16" flat oval (color)-stakes & weavers11/64" falt oval (natural)-weavers & lasher#0 round reed - twinning3/8" flat-rim row1/2" flat oval-rimSea grassRibbons & beads-decoration optional
  • Very nice carry all basket, simple twill in smoked reed. Woven on an8x12 slotted oval base with 4 ball feet to keep it off the ground. Takestwo 10" round notched swing Redbird handles. Measures 16x10x12 high. Level: Interm/Advanced04/01
  • This small basket has a simple twill on the sides. Gives the look of stitching. Uses a 2"x6" slotted rectangle base and a 5" round notched handle. Measures 5"x8"x5" tall. Level:Beg. -Intermediate7/04
  • A beautiful basket with a twill design. Two rows of a cross-stitch, give a mystic look to the basket. Top it off with some beads strung on the side. Will look nice in any color combination. Woven on a 2. 5"x4" slotted rectangle base and uses a 5" round notched handle. Measures 7"x5"x4" tall. Level:Intermediate7/04
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    Whether you add your feather overlay in colored or natural reed, this basket is a beautiful addition to any room. Measures 12"x9" tall. Level:Intermediate10/02
  • Happy Easter! What a cute basket for a chilg to wake up to on Easter morning filled with sweet goodies. Uses a 6"x10"D handle and is topped with a braided border. Measures 6"x9"x6". Level:All10/02
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    Several weaving techniques used on this challenging Flower Girl wedding basket. Intricate handle weave also used. Woven flat on a table, I dare you to try this one!Level: AdvancedMaterial List:11/64" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed#2 Round Reed Dyed#7 Round Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed6" Round Notched Handle5" Round Slotted Wooden BaseRibbon & Silk Flowers03/01
  • On SaleThis basket uses a 4" double slotted round wood base and a 5" wire bean pot handle. Measures 5" dia. x 5" tall. Level:Intermediate4/03
  • Oh, how cute this one will be for any room or your desk at work. This double wall basket is woven on a 4" round doulbe slotted wood base. Learn to make your own handle. Measures 5" diameter x 5" tallLevel:Intermediate3/05
  • Uses two slotted round bases, one 5"and one 6". Also a 7" round base(unslotted) with ball feet. Measures 15. 5" tall when finished. 1,2,3 continuous twill weave using smoked reed. Use base kit bpac001 Level: Advanced
  • Ladybug6 1/2" tall x 8" acrossMaterials:6" double grooved base3/16" flat oval-natural and color-weavers, spokes and lasher1/4" flat-black-weaver3/8" flat-rim row1/2" flat oval-rimSea grassRibbon or decoration of your choice
  • Orange Sherbet6" tall x 10" long x 8" wideMaterials:5" x 8" oval racetrack double grooved wood base8" round notched handle3/8" flat-smoked-stakes#2 round reed-smoke-twinning1/4" flat-smoke & color-weavers3/8" flat-natural-rim row1/4" flat-natural-weaverssea grass1/2" flat oval-rim11/64" flat or flat oval-lasher
  • Double wall basket woven on a 4" round double slotted wood base. Level:Intermediate4/03
  • A beautiful ginger jar shaped basket. A 1" maple strip dyed, is used for accent and you will need a 5" round slotted wood base. The top ends in a lacey Gretchen border. Measures 6" across top x10" tall. Level:Advanced5/04