• This is a cute basket for desks or to keep school projects handy. It is woven on a 4"x9" slotted oval base and uses 2-3" round bushel handles. A tie-on and wooden divider optional. Measures 10. 5"x7"x5" tall. Level:All6/02
  • Uses two 4" spread bushel side handles. Four 12" feet are used. Create basket for crafts, this chair side basket has the smaller basket woven into the side. Level:Interm03/01
  • On SaleThis basket uses a 12" round notched handle. The X's are over lays. Looks good in any color combination. Measures 12"x19"x8" tall. Level:All8/02
  • Color overlays will show off the diamond design. Beautiful in anycolor! 6-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 6" tall (without handle). Uses 5" x 8" oval base (racetrack ends) and 2 - 6" round notched swing handles. Level: Beg/Inter4/06
  • On SaleThis basket uses a 4" double slotted round wood base and a 5" wire bean pot handle. Measures 5" dia. x 5" tall. Level:Intermediate4/03
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    Unusual urn shape woven on a 6" slotted round base. Calls for? optional? 6" round lid and two 2 to 3" spread bushel sidehandles. Feather design woven into the sides. Measures 11" high. Level: Advanced03/01
  • Basket uses a 8" round notched Redbird swing handle and a 5" x8" oval double slotted base. Measures 8"x12"x7" tallLevel:All2/02
  • An ideal basket to take along to all of those fall yard sales and festivals to carry home your treasures. Uses an 8"x12" D handle. Measures 8"x14"x7" tall. Level:All10/02
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    Lid and base of basket are each woven on a 6"x10" slotted oval wood base. Sides of basket have a "feather" inlay. Great storage basket. Level:Intermediate11/04
  • Wonderful combination of natural, smoked and dyed reed. Woven with a 6" round slotted base and an 8" round notchedhandle. Measures 9" x 8" x 6". Level: Intermediate 3/05
  • Uses a 5" round slotted base and 8" notch swing handle. Directions for all three sizes are included in the pattern. Level: All LevelsMaterial List:1/2" Flat Reed1/2" Flat Reed Dyed3/8" Flat Reed3/8" Flat Reed Dyed1/4" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Dyed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrass5" Round Slotted Wooden Base8" Round Notched Swing Handle05/00
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    Several weaving techniques used on this challenging Flower Girl wedding basket. Intricate handle weave also used. Woven flat on a table, I dare you to try this one!Level: AdvancedMaterial List:11/64" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed#2 Round Reed#2 Round Reed Dyed#7 Round Reed7mm Flat Oval Reed6" Round Notched Handle5" Round Slotted Wooden BaseRibbon & Silk Flowers03/01
  • This big beautiful basket is a simple twill from the beginning to the handle giving an old fashioned look. Make several in different colors to sell. They will be a big hit! 14" x 10" x 9" tall (without handle). Uses an 8" x 10" oval racetrack base and 10" round notched handle. Level: Beg/Inter4/06
  • Simple twill basket with smoked reed accent. Woven on a 5" x 8" oval slotted base and uses a 6" round notched swing handle. Level: IntermediateDimensions:Width: 6"Length: 10"Height: 7"Material List:1/4" Flat Reed1/4" Flat Reed Smoked#2 Round Reed3/16" Flat Oval Reed1/2" Flat Oval ReedSeagrassFine Cane5" x 8" Oval Slotted Wooden Base1 - 6" Round Notched Swing Handles 08/00
  • Keep it under cover! This ginger jar is great to keep things hidden from plain sight! Would make a great present for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Accented with redribbon and red round reed made into hearts. 27" around x 8-1/2" tall. Uses a 6" round base and 4" round base lid. Level: Inter/Adv4/06
  • A simple basket woven on a 5"x8" slotted oval base, (see below) but with a little twist to the rim. Uses an 8" notched ash handle. Measures 8"x10"x6. 5" tallLevel:Beginner6/02