• Hot water dye, 1/3 ounce per package which is sufficient to dye one pounds of reed.
  • 6 New Rit Dye Colors!
  • Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes 40 Standard Colors Available. 71 Custom Colors that you can create by mixing the standard colors listed above. Email www. info@arnies. com and request a custom mixing chart. Available in 2/3 oz. jars.
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    Retayne fixes or sets dye to prevent color bleeding. Use approx. 2 tsp. per pound of reed in rinse water.
  • Rit Liquid Dye gives old favorite wearables a "Good As New" look.
  • Dye activator. Helps reed absorb dye for deeper colors and more even dying. Use in hot dye bath, use in conjunction with Retayne.
  • Weaver's Stain is a tung oil enriched stain with a urethane resin that penetrates, seals and finishes reed, cane and wood baskets. This is a fast and easy way to stain and seal your baskets in one easy step, yet provides a durable oil finish which allows for better resistance to water, abrasion and dirt. Add lifetime to your baskets by protecting them while adding a beautiful luster and sheen at the same time. Comes in an easy to use 11oz. aerosol spray can. Available in 6 colors.